The object of the game is to get as close to 21 as you can. If your hand is higher than 21, you lose.

Please remember, you are playing against the dealer – not the other players at the table.

Let's Get Started

Each player shall place their stake in a betting box. The croupier will then deal two cards to every player, and one card to himself, all face-up. Starting with the player to the croupier’s left, each player has the opportunity to :

  • Draw – take additional cards to try to get as near to, without exceeding, 21.

  • Stand – if the player is satisfied with the total of his two cards.

All cards are face value, with picture cards valued as 10, and aces having a value of either 1 or 11.

If the value of a hand is greater than 21, then the player has bust and the original stake is lost.

Blackjack is achieved when a player receives an Ace and a picture card.



When every player has decided to stand, the croupier will then draw until his hand reaches a total of 17 or more.


Each player will either:

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  • win – if their card score is higher than the croupiers.

  • lose – if the croupiers card score is higher than the players.

  • stand – (retain their original stake) – if the players and the croupiers card score are the same.


All winning hands are paid at even money, except Blackjack which, for ease, is paid at 2-1.